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Contact Information

Student Government has a table in the Student Lounge that has student information

on it. The Suggestion Box is located on the SGA table in the student lounge.

Other ways to contact Student Government are through the Student Government

mailbox located downstairs and you may also Email student government at Also take time to visit the SGA website at


Student Government Association


President: Chantel Curbo

Vice President: Kristie McGowan

Secretary/Treasurer: Tekesia Jackson

Activities Director: Nicole Thompson

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrea Morrison


A letter from the Student Government Association President


Dear Student,


On behalf of the Student Government Association and the entire student body here

at the Argosy University San Francisco Bay Area campus, I would like to extend my

warmest welcome to you.


As the student government president of this leading and diversity-rich campus, I am

excited that you have joined our close community. The Student Government

Association (SGA) plays a vital role in campus life. We seek to represent the students'

interests, needs, and welfare within the university. It is our desire to promote open

communication on issues affecting student life and your educational needs. The SGA

has been influential in all university related polices and procedures that impact the

students' welfare and we are continually working towards improvement of existing

policies. The SGA offers numerous educational opportunities outside the classroom,

including the Brown Bag lecture series and providing various activities where students

can engage in social, intellectual, and cultural activities. We are always looking for

ways to increase these events and are open to your suggestions.


I hope, and anticipate, that you will enjoy your experience at Argosy University .

I want to wish you the very best in your future professional endeavors. If I can be of

further assistance, please do not hesitate to email me at I

will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Your input is critical in

ensuring that SGA is working toward the goals that are important to you!


Best Wishes,

Chantel Curbo


Student Government Association