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Enrollment Agreement
AU/ San Francisco Bay Area Campus · 999 A Canal Blvd. Point Richmond, CA 94804

Directions: Please read carefully and fill in the required fields in section A, D, H, I and J.
Print (print button at the bottom of this page) and mail the form at the above address.

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Section A
Student's Name:
Social Security #:
Student's Address:
City/State: Zip: Phone:

Section B
Any questions or problems concerning this school which have not been satisfactorily answered or resolved
| by the School should be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, 400 R
Street, Suite 5000; Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 445-3427.

Section C
This agreement is a legally binding instrument when signed by the student and accepted by the School. Your signature on this agreement acknowledges that
you have been given reasonable time to read and understand it and that you have been given: (a) a written statement of the refund policy including examples of
how it applies, (b) a catalog including a description of the course or educational service including all material facts concerning the School and the program
or course of instruction which are likely to affect your decision to enroll. Immediately upon signing this agreement, students should make a copy and retain it.

Section D
This agreement is for the educational program:

Total Program Hours that must be satisfiedto complete the required course of study:

Your program start date is/was:

Section E
BUYER'S RIGHT TO CANCEL. The student has a right to cancel this enrollment agreement or withdraw his/her enrollment from the Argosy University and
obtain an applicable refund. You may cancel this enrollment agreement or withdraw from the Argosy University and receive the applicable refund by providing a
written notice to the Argosy University/SFBA, 999 A Canal Blvd., Point Richmond, CA 94804.

Section FREFUND INFORMATION. The student has a right to a full refund of all tuition charges less the amount
of the application fee if he/she cancels this agreement prior to or on the first day of instruction. In addition, the student may withdraw
from a course after instruction has started and receive a pro-rata refund from the unused portion of the tuition and other refundable charges, less administrative fees,
if the student has completed 60% or less of the instruction or if 60% or less time has elapsed from the scheduled start date, whichever comes first.

For example: if the student completes only 4 class sessions of a 10 session course and paid $1100.00 tuition, the student would receive a refund of
$600.00 using the calculation below:

$1100 total paid (-) $100 administrative fee = $1000 refund
$1000 tuition 10 class sessions=$100 per class session
$100 tuition (x) 4 classes attended = $400 tuition owed
$1100 total paid (-) $400 tuition used plus $100 fee = $600 refund.

If the School cancels or discontinues a course or educational program, the School will make a full refund of all charges. Refunds will be paid within 30 days
of receipt of the student's notice of cancellation or withdrawal.

Section G
STUDENT TUITION RECOVERY FUND (STRF). The Student Tuition Recovery Fund was established by the California Legislature to protect any California resident who
prepays tuition in order to attend a private postsecondary institution from suffering a financial loss in the event that the School closes, fails to live up to its enrollment agreement,
or refuses to pay a court judgement. To be eligible for STRF, student must be a California resident at the time the enrollment agreement is signed. Students who are temporarily
residing in California for the sole purpose of an education or specifically those who hold student visas, do not qualify as California residents. Refer to the Catalog for details.

Section H
FEES AND CHARGES. The student is responsible for the following fees and charges pertaining to the program's required course of study completed during each enrollment period. Tuition and fees are subject to change on an annual basis. Historically, tuition and fees increase on average 5% although this rate may vary
Application: $50 Non-refundable fee
Tuition Deposit: $500 One time fee paid prior to first term of enrollment. Applies toward tuition of first term.
Tuition: $750 (Psy.D, DBA and Ed.d programs), $475 (MAEd, MA Counseling, Teacher Credential , Forensic Psychology and MBA programs), $380 (BA and BSBA)Per semester credit
Textbooks/Materials: $150 Per course- based upon an average cost per course.
Training Related Fees: $475 ( Internship per term Psy.D, ) $20 Professional Liability Insurance (per term) for students taking Practical Courses.
Program Related Fees: Activity Fees (annual): $50, $50 Late Registration/
Add/Drop Fee, $25 Late Payment Fee
$750 Professionalization Group (per term PsyD and MA Clinical), $375Child Abuse Reporting Seminar Fee (PsyD and MA Clinical),
$100 Testing Resource Fee (added to all testing courses PsyD and MA Clinical)
, $150 Graduation fee.

1Students on Internship (zero credit) or registered for 1 unit are exempt from these fees.

I understand the amount of fees, charges, and services I am obligated to pay for my program of study. I further understand that fees, charges, and services are subject to change and may increase annually. Annual increases and changes usually go into effect commencing with the Fall term and are maintained throughout the academic year.

I understand that if I obtain a student loan, I am responsible for repaying the loan amount plus any interest.

Section I
My signature below certifies that I have read, understood, and agreed to my rights and responsibilities,
and that the institution's cancellation and refund policies have been clearly explained to me.

Student's Signature: __________________________________________________________________________________________


Section J

This agreement is not operative until the student makes an initial visit to the institution and receives a thorough tour, or attends the first class or session of instruction (for the first time /
first term students only).

Student's Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Section K
I certify that the Argosy University had met the disclosure requirements of California Education Code 94312(f).I further certify that the institution has met all requirements for the
administration of any federal student assistance program under the Title IV of the federal Higher Education Act of 1965 (P.L. 89-329), extension of that act, amendments to that
act, and rules and regulations adopted under the act.

Ariana Heller, Director of Student Services /School Official Signature, Title


Argosy University 999 A Canal Blvd. Point Richmond, CA 94804 Attn: Student Services